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At one point or another, everyone needs their mommy.

But some people need a mommy much more often.

That's why we're here.

Welcome to ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters.


There are lots of services around the net - claiming they understand.
The problem is that they don't.
They're just phone sex lines - "marketing" to adult babies and diaper lovers.

That's why we're different.
This company was founded by a real adult baby.
And he knew there was a desperate need for true phone sex mommies
who would take calls from the AB/DL community, 24 hours a day.

ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters: 877-72-MOMMY

We're here for just one reason.
To connect adult babies and diaper lovers with real phone sex mommies
who are into the AB/DL lifestyle.
Some people call it adult baby phone sex, some call it infantilism phone sex,
some even call it ageplay or sissy boy phone sex.
We call it an important service for people who need it.

ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters: 877-72-MOMMY

We have mommies (and diaper girls, too) available whenever you need them.
And they are ready to share their interests in every aspect of the adult baby lifestyle.
Whatever you're into, you'll find we have someone who complements it - or shares it.
Diaper changes - diaper bondage - diaper punishment.
Comfort - caring - cuddling and coddling.
Age transformation - age regression - other types of ageplay.
Sissification - feminization - humiliation.
Incontinence - infantilism - pooping - peeing.
We understand. Because we're into it, too.

ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters: 877-72-MOMMY

If you just need to feel mommy's arms around you -
or if you need mommy to change you, clean you, or care for you -
or if you need mommy's reassurance, or calming words -
she's here, waiting for your call.

But if you need mommy's discipline or punishment -
if you need mommy's cruelty in order to know that you are truly loved -
or if you need that very special love that only mommy can share -
she's here, waiting for your call.

ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters: 877-72-MOMMY

There are some members of the AB/DL community who are incredibly fortunate.
They have the love and understanding of a special caregiver who shares their life.
Most adult babies aren't as lucky. They need that care, but must find it elsewhere.
That's why we're privileged to be able to provide access to real phone sex mommies,
and even diaper girls, 24 hours a day.

Don't be alone any longer. Call now.

ABDL Phone Sex Headquarters: 877-72-MOMMY

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18+ only.
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